My job and my life are revolved around physical activity. I found crossFit a few years ago, and have been pushing my body to limits since. I now am a CrossFit coach as well, so on my off time from working out, I am coaching and physically moving around. In addition, I practice and teach the art of aerial acrobatics. I am constantly testing my body and putting myself into positions that are a little…unconventional. Sondra has helped me tremendously with keeping my body “in check.” Without her assistance, and expertise I would not be able to do what I do. It is as simple as that. Having some spinal issues as a child, throughout college I would often over train and suffer from back pain for weeks before I could continue. I can say seeing her on a regular basis I am now taking a proactive approach. I am addressing issues before they become serious. I am not sure what I would do without her! She has helped me with range of motion, soreness, imbalances, and in general, just feeling better.

Jonathan Kruper
Aerialist and Crossfit Coach

A little over a year ago I was in a car accident and had several physical therapy sessions, with different people, at many locations. It was nice here and there but never really helped me. Back pain does not go away unless there is REAL healing and CARE that goes into it. I have only had a couple of sessions with Miss Sondra Catania, but the feeling I get walking into her office is just awesome! Her staff at the front desk remembered my name after only one visit. Everyone has smile all the time! Dr. Catania has helped more than she may know. Just her passion alone can help someone like me.

Amanda Stevenson
Happy Client

“Dr. Savatgy’s professional expertise and skills come accompanied with communications skills that keep his patients informed about their chiropractic health. As a patient, I have come to Dr. Savatgy for a variety of sports related injuries and questions, and he has always helped me get back out on my running trails. I have been to a handful of other Chiropractic Physicians, but none compare with Dr. Savatgy on bed-side manner, or skill.”

Ian Campbell
M.B.A, Marathon Runner

“As a professional Mixed Martial Artist, the hardest thing about training is staying healthy and free of injuries. I am constantly beating my body past what a normal intelligent person would, and the result is usually painful nagging injuries. Injuries that an ice pack and three Advil just won’t help. Dr. Nick keeps me healthy and working at 100%. They are the equivalent of a pit crew in Nascar, they are that important to my training. I am blessed to have them behind me, and proud to call them my friends.”

Phil Friedman
Xtreme Couture M.M.A.

“I have had an injury on my left rhomboid (near the bottom of my scapula) for 10 years. 8 years of a completely sedentary lifestyle had made it pretty unbearable and I was in almost constant pain. I have been KB’ing for two years now (off and on) and really started doing KB’s seriously for the last three months or so. The kettlebell made a HUGE difference in helping my back feel better, and I progressed to completing the Rite of Passage from Enter the Kettlebell using the 24 kg kettlebell. In spite of my progress, however, my back continued to bother me. I had a noticeable rounding-shoulders issue, and because my work still requires me to be in front of a computer for long amounts of time, my back would still frequently bother me at the end of a workday. A friend recommended I speak to Dr. Nick Savatgy, a chiropractor and Active Release Therapy practitioner. That was three weeks ago, and already, my injury has all but disappeared. I paid for it out of pocket, and including the sessions with a physical therapist to learn some specific exercises for my rhomboids, the whole thing cost me a lot less than I thought it would because it only took five visits and I was almost completely cured. I walked in a big skeptic, because I’ve been burned by claims of ‘Oh yeah, we can fix that’ only to still have the problem after spending large amounts of money and time. I’ve wasted enough money on things that don’t do what they claim to, and Active Release Technique actually lives up to the claim of fixing a problem fast. Now I’m doing Z-Health drills (r-phase) and the exercises shown to my by my physical therapist, and I’ve never felt stronger. I’m up to doing 5 ladders of 2 using the 32 kg kettlebell, and my posture has improved dramatically. I would never hesitate to recommend Active Release Therapy to anyone. And no, I did not get paid to say this. I’m just excited to have finally found something that worked. Thanks for helping me with a chronic pain problem.”

Jeremy Firth
Multimedia Director, PokerNews.com

“My name is Tim Kelly, and I am a runner. Or I suppose I should say, I had been a runner for many years. But my running days ended roughly 10 years ago due to chronic back and hip pain that would become acute for months at a time. Earlier this year, during yet another shot at regaining my stride, I shuffled through an easy 4-miler. Ninety minutes later I was down for the count. The result was that, for the first time ever, I allowed myself to say out loud that my running days were done, and that I was seriously considering back surgery. Two months later I had a chance encounter with Dr. Nick Savatgy, a local chiropractor and certified Active Release Techniques Provider. Nick introduced himself and offered to help me. I unloaded on him with both barrels. I had absolutely no time for chiroquacktors (as I viewed them), since my only experiences with that branch of medicine had been negative. Dr. Savatgy followed up a couple of weeks later with another offer to help, but I ignored him for a couple of weeks. Finally I wrote back that I had nothing but contempt for chiropractic medicine, but if he wanted to work his voodoo on me, then I would give him a shot. After the first session I walked to my care perfectly aware that something was different. I have limped noticeably for a dozen years, but my stride felt more secure, more comfortable. After the third session I very nearly cried. The changes in my body were measureable and quantifiable. And they were all for the better. Dr. Savatgy recommended some simple exercises using a large ball that are intended to strengthen my core muscles: the abdomen, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, adductors and abductors. Although I have only been doing those exercises for 3 weeks now the results are nothing short of incredible. I am getting stronger each week with and my confidence is growing daily. Today, after only 7 sessions with Dr. Savatgy I have regained a range of motion in my back and hips that I could only have dreamed of a month ago. I can walk, sit, stand and run PAIN FREE for the first time in a decade. Dr. Savatgy is a young man, but he knows the human musculo-skeletal system from stem to stern. And he is an expert listener. From the very first visit right through to the last session Dr. Savatgy has questioned me about how my body is responding, and he has made the necessary adjustments in his treatments. Tomorrow I am running 12-miles for the first time in forever, and I have every reason to believe that I will run well, and be free of pain before, during and afterward. After being the most skeptical, cynical patient on the planet I have come to respect and trust Dr. Savatgy completely. He has proven to me that he is at the top of his game, and that he truly has my best interest at heart. I have taken a 180º turn from being absolutely opposed to chiropractic treatment, to believing that, without Dr. Savatgy’s care, I might today be lying in a hospital bed recovering from an unnecessary back surgery. I have never written a testimonial before. Not for anyone or anything. And I have never believed in anything with blind faith. But the results from the treatments I have received, and the exercises that were recommended, are there for all to see. I have a new way of living now, and I am exceedingly grateful to Dr. Savatgy for the high-quality of care he has provided.”

Tim Kelly
Pres. Gulf Winds Track Club, Pres. Las Vegas Track Club, Asst. Director Las Vegas Marathon, Las Vegas Running Company, Las Vegas In Motion

“Last spring my car was hit by another vehicle while I was stopped for a red light. My whole body was in shock. My neck, back, legs where all in pain. I was referred to Dr. Nick Savatgy for treatment. Dr. Savatgy and the staff where very positive and upbeat, I received Active Release Technique and physical therapy. The result was excellent. After several treatments I began to feel much improved. At each session Dr. Nick and the staff worked on creating flexibilty and comfort. All sessions were positive experiences in part due to the technique and in part due to Dr. Nick and his staff. As a runner and bicyclist I was able to work my way back to regular activity with the help of these treatments. Physical therapy also helped by providing exercises and stretches to complement the treatments. Dr. Nick and his staff have proven to be excellent care givers. Active Release Technique has helped me dramatically. Dr. Nick and his staff are caring and effective providers that I can highly recommend.”

Barnett Sturm
Happy Client

Dr. Nick, I wanted to take a little of your time to let you know just how wonderful I think you & your staff are. When my husband called your office told the lady that answered the phone how much pain I was in, she told him to bring me in ASAP. We had never been to your office before.When we arrived we were meet with so much care from your staff. I couldn’t set because the pain was so bad & was taken right in to see you. When you looked at me, I could see in your eyes that I would be well taken care of & that you really cared about me. The care that you gave me, made me a different person within just a few days & the pain was so much less. As the days have gone by, I’m getting better & better. I plain to continue to see you & to tell everyone I know about you & how fantastic I think you are. You & your staff really care about people. Every time I have been in your office, I feel like I’m the only one that is important. I would be willing to make a bet that all the other people you see feel the same way. I told my husband that you need cameras in your waiting area to show how people like myself walk in your door for the first time, then to show the difference in them in just one or two days of seeing you. I needed you to know that you are truly a God send to me.

Vicki Simmons
Happy Client

I just wanted to pipe in with my endorsement of Dr. Nick (Kevin) Savatgy and his ART treatment, and to urge you to take him up on this generous offer should you have any ailments. I have personally used Nick’s services and he has proved to be dedicated to our community and sport by supporting Calico Racing events.

Joyce Forier
Calico Racing LLC

Dr. Nick, Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you’ve done for my hamstring injury. The injury was very deep in the hamstring/buttocks area and you were able to get in there to break up the scar tissue after just two visits. With the stretches and strengthening exercises, I am back to running full tilt. I’m going to stay in touch to make sure I get a tune up when the need arises. Thank you very much.

Jim Rose
Director of Marriott Las Vegas