Graston Technique Las Vegas

Graston Technique Las Vegas

Clients that visit us here at Canyon Lake Neck & Back Clinic do so for many different reasons. They may require chiropractic treatments following a car accident, or they may be suffering from sports injuries. Then they may be suffering from many other types of ailments that are causing pain and discomfort such as….

Sports related injuries such as tennis or golfers elbow

Knee pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Sprains and stains, Post surgical scars, Traumatic scars, Neck pain, Back pain

Each and every client requires the need for specific treatments according to their situation. Part of these treatments may include the use of the Graston Technique.

The Graston Technique involves the use of stainless steel instruments that have been specifically designed to perform the treatment. The treatment involves a mobilization technique that is used for  soft tissue mobilization.

It allows the professional to determine where scar tissue, adhesions and fascial restrictions are present, then the procedure used assists in releasing these. The instruments used for the Graston Technique have been designed so they will adapt to the natural contour of the areas being treated.

While the Graston Technique is very effective at treating many different types of sports injuries it is also effective at treating other conditions that have results in soft tissue damage or chronic inflammation. It has the ability to break down the scar tissue that often occurs from a variety of different ailments. This scar tissue often causes discomfort and mobility issues.

When the Graston Technique is performed by highly trained professionals like us here at Canyon Lake Neck & Back Clinic it helps to break down the collagen and stretch the affected connective tissue and muscle fibers. It helps to increase the blood flow to the treatment area which encourages natural healing.

The Graston Technique may be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment such as the ART® treatment.