Barnett Sturm

“Last spring my car was hit by another vehicle while I was stopped for a red light. My whole body was in shock. My neck, back, legs where all in pain. I was referred to Dr. Nick Savatgy for treatment.

Dr. Savatgy and the staff where very positive and upbeat, I received Active Release Technique and physical therapy. The result was excellent. After several treatments I began to feel much improved. At each session Dr. Nick and the staff worked on creating flexibilty and comfort. All sessions were positive experiences in part due to the technique and in part due to Dr. Nick and his staff.

As a runner and bicyclist I was able to work my way back to regular activity with the help of these treatments. Physical therapy also helped by providing exercises and stretches to complement the treatments.
Dr. Nick and his staff have proven to be excellent care givers. Active Release Technique has helped me dramatically. Dr. Nick and his staff are caring and effective providers that I can highly recommend.”