Dr. Nick Savatgy

Dr. Savatgy has treated hundreds of professional athletes and thousands of Las Vegas residents. He strives to always remember that an athlete can never become a professional if they do not recover from or prevent early career injuries. Dr. Savatgy is highly regarded and very respected as one of the nation’s leaders in soft tissue […]

Dr. Sondra Catania

Dr. Catania became increasingly aware of the lack of chiropractic children’s specialists and began to understand the drastic importance of proper treatment for developing bodies. She decided to shift concentrations from sports therapy to pediatric and prenatal care. Credentials: University of Las Vegas, Nevada, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2008. Palmer […]

Dr. Corey Cohen

Dr. Corey pursued his passion for chiropractic to help patient’s improve their quality of life through conservative means using functional exercises and soft tissue therapies to correct common muscular imbalances. Dr. Corey’s priority is helping his patients get to where he knows their potential can be. Credentials: . He continued his education earning his bachelors […]