Active Release Technique Las Vegas

Active Release Technique Las Vegas

Here at Canyon Lake Neck & Back Clinic we utilize many different techniques and forms of treatment based on the requirements of each patient. When necessary we may utilize Active Release Technique (ART®) as one type of treatment.

It is our mandate to ensure that we are able to offer each and every one of our clients the very best in treatments and care. We do this by keeping ourselves aware of the latest technology that can be used in enhancing an individual’s health through chiropractic Las Vegas services. ART definitely falls into this category and for this reason we put the time into become fully trained in the Active Release Technique.

This is a highly specialized form of treatment where the techniques used in it have been patented. The core purpose of this treatment is to treat the over used muscles that end up causing many different ailments such as …

General muscles soreness, Tendons and ligament discomfort, Fascia and nerve problems, Headaches, Back pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Shin splints, Should pain, Sciatica, Plantar fasciitis, Knee problems, Tennis elbow

In many cases all of these ailments are caused by or are aggravated by over used muscles and the soft tissue in the specific areas. When this happens changes take place which creates the symptoms and pain that is experienced. The symptoms can include tingling, numbness, weakness, and reduced range of motion, and the pain can range from a dull aching pain to acute sharp pain.

The ART® Treatment

This treatment begins with an examination by one of our highly trained ART® professionals. Once the findings of the examination have been determined then a very specific course of treatment is planned and carried out to address the issues. The techniques are comprised of a combination of moves that are required to correct the problem. There are over 500 specific moves that can be offered in an ART® treatment and the combination of those that are to be used are based on the individual’s needs. This form of treatment may be used in conjunction with the Graston Technique.