About us

About us

Our approach to the health care that we provide you as Las Vegas Chiropractors is a total care approach. There are many, many reasons why the body breaks down and reacts with pain, discomfort and other symptoms. As professional health care providers we realize this and as such have the commitment to care for your health care needs no matter what your age or gender, nor the cause of your medical condition as it relates to responding to chiropractic services.

We have a full team of expert chiropractic medical professionals here at Canyon Lake Neck & Back Clinic in Las Vegas to address all of your needs. Each professional has participated in full extensive and accredited training and then has chosen to specialize further in areas of their interest.

Dr. Savatgy is well recognized for his expertise in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. His services are sought out by both the amateur and professional athlete who is intent on receiving the very best of care and recovery for their sports related injuries.

Dr. Cantania has chosen to specialize in the much needed chiropractic care for children. Her focus in on the pediatric and prenatal care that is in much demand.

Dr. Corey is intent on bringing the very best of chiropractic care and services to patients who want and deserve the best quality of life through well planned and individualized treatments focusing on muscular imbalances.

While each of our highly trained chiropractic professionals have chosen specific areas of interest they put no less emphasis and commitment to care for unrelated ailments for patients that have other chiropractic needs for specific treatments and services.

Every professional here at the Canyon Lake Neck & Back Clinic remains committed to keeping themselves aware of the latest discoveries and advancements in chiropractic services and ensures that their training and ongoing education depicts this. This is evident with the leading technology that is utilized in some of the services being offered here at the clinic such as…

  • Active Release Technique Las Vegas
  • Graston Technique Las Vegas
  • Webster Technique
  • Kinesio Taping Las Vegas

Then added to this is the Pregnancy Chiropractic Las Vegas Treatments and the Chiropractic Child Ear Infection Treatments. The list of superior and personalized chiropractic services being offered by our clinic does not end here. It includes many other conditions that are known for creating pain and discomfort, and can have a lasting detrimental effect on an individual’s future no matter what their age or gender.

Be sure to call and book your appointment now so we can access your chiropractic needs. The longer you wait the more you suffer and the more you are at risk for ongoing discomfort and perhaps irreversible damage to your body that can have a detrimental effect on you in the years to come.